Natural Genuine Antique Baltic Egg Yolk Butterscotch Amber Beaded Necklace

Absolutely gorgeous museum quality!
Make me an offer.

Genuine Baltic amber beads necklace weighing 75 grams!

*The amber beads passed heated needle, UV light test, and warm saltwater test to confirm they are natural Baltic amber. The beads also contain natural inclusions and color variations.

The strand is composed of sets of varying sized natural Baltic. (14 x 10mm to 20 x 30mm)
Smallest at each end getting larger towards the middle.
The pattern of beads are
6 smallest beads in a row then,
6 slightly bigger beads then them next in a row then,
5 slightly bigger then them then,
2 slightly bigger then those then,
1 slightly bigger then those then,
1 the largest in the center then it goes in reverse to
1 slightly smaller then the biggest center bead then,
2 slightly smaller beads in a row etc...

The strand has the original screw clasp with a makers mark on each side of the clasp. I haven't researched the mark of who made this piece but its so... knock your socks off beautiful and the quality is beyond compare, that it didn't matter. The piece speaks for itsself.

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Measures: 1" thick
Fits up to a 7.5" wrist

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