17th Century Antique Natural Saltwater Sea Pearl

Spectacular Antique Natural Round Pearl Ring in 14k Gold.
Finely pierced and scrolled shoulders with hallmark details.
Luminous ivory pearl shimmering with an ethereal grace as it rises up off the hand nestled in a regal crown.
Beautifully set into a high setting and in deep claw prongs.
An exceptionally pretty piece, in very rare condition, exquisite detail.

Natural pearls are formed without human intervention of any kind.
Composed entirely of nacre. A combination of aragonite and an organic binder called conchiolin.
only 1 in 10,000 wild oysters will produce a Natural Saltwater Pearl.
Of those pearls only a very small amount will produce a pearl of gem quality.
Gem quality pearls are rare.
Literally one in a million. Nacre building takes years.
The larger the pearl, the more layers of nacre have been added.

Natural pearls form by chance when an irritant enters a mollusk and sticks between the shell and mantle. Mantle tissue forms over the intrusion forming a pearl sac. Calcium carbonate crystallizing as aragonite, bound by conchiolin, is secreted by the mantel and deposited in layers over the irritant. The thicker the nacre the more lustrous the pearl. Natural pearls are very rare today. Sometimes referred to as fine, wild or oriental pearls.

U.S. size 5 1/2
Pearl size 6.88 mm
Weighs between 2 to 3 grams
Stamped "14k" & "JFF"
Hallmark " Omega Symbol" or "C" on one side of the band and a "D" or "P" on the other side

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