Antique Cloth Christmas Light Strand, Replacement Vintage Light Bulbs, Large Bulb Outdoor Lights,

C9 Antique Cloth indoor/outdoor strand of multi-colored lights with Bakelite plugs and sockets.
120 volts made by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Incredibly long measuring at a little over 40 feet and there is 18" in between each bulb.
Everything is in working order and the cloth cord is in fantastic condition.
I don't think this strand of lights were used much at all.

In addition to the 40 foot strand of lights you will also receive 21 replacement bulbs. C-9 1/4

Warning: These are truly vintage with all original parts. Due to the age of these lights it is not recommended to have them lit without supervision. I cannot guarantee the safety
of antique electronics. Please use with caution.

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