How Changing Treasures came to be
I fell in love with vintage items 25 years ago and decided back then that I was going to have nothing in my home decor that wasn't vintage or antique. Through out the years I have collected thousands of items and every year I add more.

I was never willing to get rid of the old vintage to make way for the new vintage so my husband built a six tired shelving display unit that spans the whole perimeter of my basement. If I wanted to change out a display upstairs, I could just go downstairs and pick what I needed right off the shelf. Well, now my shelves are completely full and there is no more room for any more bins. My husband and I decided it was time to sell off the clutter.

I opened ChangingTreasures and sold many items (over 1300) but it hasn't even put a dent in my clutter. If I were to sell 1000 items per year, I would be able to keep my Etsy store open for 10 years just on the stuff I have in my basement. So go ahead and don't be shy, buy buy buy! :)